Prevent. Treat. Cure. Together let’s END HepC!


Let’s End Hepc dashboard is a research project of the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP), with almost 2 years now, based on a grid of main HCV indicators incorporated within one mathematical and one statistical algorithms and digital platforms to support policy decisions based on expected outcomes to support Hep C elimination up until 2030.

LEHC aims to be an interactive policy tool to help stakeholders understand in which matter different political decisions may affect the evolution of the disease Hepatitis C in their country. LEHC is pioneer for the development of IT systems for health policy decision simulation. The project is not only important for the focused disease, but it can also be used, adapted and applied in other infectious diseases management frameworks.

The objective was to develop an easy and intuitive high-level communication tool to support decision making with the aim of Hepatitis C´s eradication policies.

The goal is to support political decisions with a tool that allows the policy-maker/advocate to see and experiment on the existing policies with a forecast of the results in society and the impact on the outcomes numbers. The tool was developed on a model that integrates literature review, the experts on HCV of the countries that have entered the first and second phase and the local scientific partners and a global advisory board.

The first and second stage for LEHC includes 12 global countries Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, England, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland and more countries will be included soon.

This project supports the World Health Organization (WHO) targets in the fight against HCV, and the countries in achieving hepatitis c elimination worldwide, based on a scientific tool that supports decision-making evidence to eliminate HCV in the world. This ultimately provides better health outcomes for the patients suffering from this disease.